It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

December is tomorrow. Let me repeat, December is tomorrow.

Not really sure how that happened so fast, but it’s upon us and I am so ready for it. The holiday season makes me happy. Snow makes things prettier, lights make things more magical than usual and I really get into the spirit.

I’ve been itching to decorate my little apartment for quite some time now. I’ll admit that I caved and put up my (tiny) tree last week for my Friendsgiving party, just to make things a bit more festive. But I’ve gotten a lot more done since then and I’m pretty happy with how it looks. I used a mix of old decorations I had stashed away paired with some new stuff.

Since this is just an apartment and I’m the only one here, I’m not looking for decorations that are super-permanent. I didn’t have a grand color scheme in mind- though I’m noticing I gravitated the most towards golds, greens and reds for the most part.

I was able to keep things fairly budget-friendly thanks to the dollar bins at Target. They have some surprisingly cute things if you really dig around. I’m going to give a little holiday home tour. Consider it a sneak peek into my life during Decembrrrrrrrrr.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photoo photo 5 photo2 photo3 photo4 eorwiu cc iou fij sdfads


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