Winter Wonder Wear: Gloves

With the cold coming in quick here in Pittsburgh, I thought it was as good a time as any to do a winter-weather-wear roundup. Today, I’m talking gloves. When it gets icy out and you’re desperately trying to refresh Facebook on your phone, having a good pair of mittens is always an excellent idea.

Thanks to Polyvore, I put together a little collage of gloves I think would be great for the weather while also being easy on the wallet. All of these items come from JCPenney, Target or Old Navy – staple stores for the budget-conscious shopper. I tend to learn towards fun patterns and bold colors when I’m looking for winter accessories like hats or gloves. The weather is dreary enough as it is… you need to at least stand out in all that snow.

So while the cold starts creeping in, keep your hands warm and toasty! Let me know what styles you have on your wish-list this winter, in the comments!
Winter Wonder Wear: Gloves


Muk luks glove



Mixit sequin glove

Old Navy neon glove


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