RECIPES: Caramel Crunch Sundae

I was looking for something a little sweet tonight, but my leftover Halloween candy stash is dwindling. I stared aimlessly all over my kitchen and wondered what I should snack on. After rummaging through the freezer and fridge, I came up with something I’m pretty proud of. It was sweet, it was crunchy, it was creamy and it was just what I was craving.

Hello, gorgeous.
Hello, gorgeous.

This was not a planned dessert. I threw some vanilla bean ice cream into my little ramekin, because I can’t resist a cute ramekin. They’re just big enough for an evening snack. Topped the ice cream with some deliciously drizzly caramel sauce, and then crunched up some Golden Oreos to give it a little texture. Then I sprinkled a little cinnamon on top. It was perfect.


I ate this while watching Gilmore Girls, which I’ve been binge-watching for the last few weeks thanks to Netflix. How great are the characters of Stars Hollow? I’d love to live in a nutty town like theirs. Crazy Lorelai, wise Rory, grumpy Luke, dreamy Jess… and the list goes on. I’m only in Season 2 right now and I’m just loving it. I remember watching this when I was back in high school. I’m almost certain I’ve seen every episode at least once—but it’s been fun catching up and re-remembering all of these moments I’ve forgotten.

My dessert I made might not be from Luke’s Diner, but I think it holds up alright.

A spoonful of sugar...
A spoonful of sugar…

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