RECIPES: Fudgy Nutella Mug Cake

What’s better than cake out of a mug? You throw a few ingredients in a bowl, give it a mix, and pop it into the microwave. Presto, chango – you’ve got yourself a single-serving cake with half the clean-up of a full-blown dessert.

Any recipe that calls for copious amounts of Nutella is good in my book...
Any recipe that calls for copious amounts of Nutella is good in my book…

In my search for desserts that are great for people who live alone, I stumbled across this Nutella Mug Cake beauty. If I had made a whole cake, I’d be hoarding it like crazy, scarfing parts of it down whenever I get a chance.

photo 1
Here’s all your ingredients!

But this mug cake is genius because, hello, built-in portion control. Now granted – I can’t really speak to the healthiness of this recipe. It calls for Nutella and cocoa powder. I’m not breaking any records here for ‘good-for-you’ desserts tonight. But still. It’s cute, it’s delicious and I found it from this fabulous blogger, Spend With Pennies.

photo 3
Look at the Nutella fudge on that! Props to my boyfriend’s sister for the mug. I’m obsessed with owls.

I made a few changes from her version. First off – I added a sprinkling of chocolate chips into the dry mix. Because you know what a chocolate dessert needs? More chocolate. Other important note, cooking time. I imagine everyone’s going to be different on this one because all microwaves are not the same. I ended up cooking my cake for about 2 minutes total. You want to aim for a fudgy center – but also make sure you’re not just shoveling uncooked batter into your mouth. That IS really tasty… but no one wants to get sick here.

photo (2)
There it is… in all its glory.

This recipe is everything I hoped it’d be, and more. The Nutella really brings out a great hazlenut hint of flavor, and makes the cake extra moist. This reminds me a little bit of one of those melting lava chocolate cakes that cruise lines have. I could eat one of these every day (but I won’t, I promise!) but this is a great little just-for-you snack to have.


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