Sunday Sweet Bites

Sunday Sweet Bites is a roundup of random thoughts, inspiring quotes and interesting stories I’ve found to start the week off right!

  • Just ordered these prints from a talented artist named Evelyn Henson. She’s a painter and I fell in love with the little details she included in her “Map Art” series. I got one to represent Pittsburgh, my hometown, and one to represent Charleston – which is where I was born.
  • Thought Catalog is hit or miss for me with their posts, but this piece about how your cousins can become some of your best friends really hit home for me.
  • This morning was Daylight Savings Time (or, I guess it was last night) and it is always a very bizarre feeling upon waking when you stare at your alarm clock and know it’s wrong. Gaining an hour feels awesome!
  • I went on a long overdue cleaning rampage in my apartment and now I feel way better about life in general. I vacuumed, scrubbed and polished. Part of me feels ready to tackle the week now. If only I could keep it this clean all the time. Still working on that.
  • With the weather turning fierce this weekend, pulling out the crock pot seems like the best idea to me. Tonight, I’m making this Crockpot Chicken & Stuffing meal.

And to finish with a little inspiration for the week, Pinterest didn’t disappoint:



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