Bye, Bye Halloween

November is here officially and that is so strange to me. I don’t really know where October went. Last night I helped my boyfriend, Jon, pass out candy in his parents’ neighborhood. Lots of cute kids, lots of Huggies dropped into pillowcases. We dressed up as skeletons and looked pretty rad. It’s been a while since I got to participate in handing out candy for trick-or-treat. When I still lived at home with my parents in our old neighborhood, the number of kids who’d come each year had dwindled so much!

Our carved pumpkins, looking spooky!
Our carved pumpkins, looking spooky!

After we passed out candy last night, me and Jon filmed our final “fall” episode of “Seasonal Swigs & Sweets.” We started a YouTube channel at the end of September – reviewing seasonal beers & creating seasonal desserts. For our last episode of the fall season until Christmas, we reviewed 3 different beers (I liked 1 out of 3) and reviewed 2 desserts. I wanted to share the recipe with you guys in case you want to try making this dessert yourself.

We made these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies, and oh my goodness, they were amazing. The cookie dough was made of dry chocolate pudding mix, cocoa powder AND chocolate chips. SO. MUCH. CHOCOLATE. But you know I’m not complaining! I got the recipe from a fabulous food blogger: Life, Love & Sugar. Hers turned out MUCH prettier than mine, but seriously, it doesn’t even matter. They were THAT good. I’d definitely make these again and am already planning to include them as a treat for my family at Thanksgiving!

What I liked about these was the texture of the cookie portion. So chewy and delicious! I’d eat the cookies on their own. Adding the pumpkin frosting was just a bonus. If you like a little pumpkin, and a lot of chocolate, this recipe will help satisfy your sweet tooth.


As a disclaimer, I’m not a culinary whiz in the kitchen so much that I can make up my own recipes. So when you see a recipe on my blog, at least for the foreseeable future, I’m sharing it because it’s one I’ve taste tested and absolutely adore. I’m never gonna be taking credit for making up the recipe of my own volition!

So kudos, Life, Love & Sugar. I’m sure I’ll be visiting YOUR blog for more dessert ideas soon.


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