It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

December is tomorrow. Let me repeat, December is tomorrow.

Not really sure how that happened so fast, but it’s upon us and I am so ready for it. The holiday season makes me happy. Snow makes things prettier, lights make things more magical than usual and I really get into the spirit.

I’ve been itching to decorate my little apartment for quite some time now. I’ll admit that I caved and put up my (tiny) tree last week for my Friendsgiving party, just to make things a bit more festive. But I’ve gotten a lot more done since then and I’m pretty happy with how it looks. I used a mix of old decorations I had stashed away paired with some new stuff.

Since this is just an apartment and I’m the only one here, I’m not looking for decorations that are super-permanent. I didn’t have a grand color scheme in mind- though I’m noticing I gravitated the most towards golds, greens and reds for the most part.

I was able to keep things fairly budget-friendly thanks to the dollar bins at Target. They have some surprisingly cute things if you really dig around. I’m going to give a little holiday home tour. Consider it a sneak peek into my life during Decembrrrrrrrrr.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! To get you in the holiday spirit, I wanted to share a YouTube series I started with my boyfriend this past fall. We coined it “Seasonal Swigs & Sweets.” We review seasonal beers and then make desserts and review those too! If you’re looking for something to sweeten your holiday season, watch along as we make our way through the Christmas beer section at our local grocery store.

For back episodes, check them all out here!


14 years ago today, I lost my best friend. One minute she was there, one minute she was gone. There are details about the day that will never leave my memory, and as painful as they are, that’s okay. The hard things need to be remembered. This time of year is always difficult for me. It’s difficult for her family. It’s difficult for family friends, for those who knew her as a very smart 7th grader. 14 years later and some of those wounds get reopened still. It happens. Continue reading


Being at the ripe, old age of 26, I’ve never hosted a Thanksgiving on my own. I never had any reason to: I’m not married and I always do family things on the day of.

Enter: Friendsgiving. This is not some monumental concept (pretty sure it’s been around forever) but it’s something new for me. I’m having a few friends over this weekend and will be playing hostess to a mini-Thanksgiving meal to preface the actual holiday later next week. Continue reading

Winter Wonder Wear: Chilly Chic

Just because it’s below freezing doesn’t mean you have to look like a lumpy snowman in your coat. When the temperatures plunge, take a risk with how you style your outerwear. Today’s “Winter Wonder Wear” combines some eclectic accessories with a classic dust coat. You’ll look polished as you shovel your driveway, and your neighbors will all be super jealous of your excellent taste.

Winter Wonder Wear: Chilly Chic


Black hat

Monki black glove
$7.51 –

Twists of Fate

I’ve been thinking a lot today about cause and effect. Why things happen, why things don’t. I really dislike the saying that ‘everything happens for a reason.’ I’ve heard this time and time again (usually around funerals… or after break-ups or something), and I never believe the person saying it. I don’t really think that most life moments are just predetermined cogs in a grand machine. People talk about destiny, about fate. The romantic in me wants to believe that, but the realist in me doesn’t buy it. Continue reading

Winter Wonder Wear: Gloves

With the cold coming in quick here in Pittsburgh, I thought it was as good a time as any to do a winter-weather-wear roundup. Today, I’m talking gloves. When it gets icy out and you’re desperately trying to refresh Facebook on your phone, having a good pair of mittens is always an excellent idea.

Thanks to Polyvore, I put together a little collage of gloves I think would be great for the weather while also being easy on the wallet. All of these items come from JCPenney, Target or Old Navy – staple stores for the budget-conscious shopper. I tend to learn towards fun patterns and bold colors when I’m looking for winter accessories like hats or gloves. The weather is dreary enough as it is… you need to at least stand out in all that snow.

So while the cold starts creeping in, keep your hands warm and toasty! Let me know what styles you have on your wish-list this winter, in the comments!
Winter Wonder Wear: Gloves


Muk luks glove



Mixit sequin glove

Old Navy neon glove